Michael saracino


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I'm a Canadian musician, music producer, columnist and, most recently, a video series producer. I've spent the majority of the last three years abroad, performing in Australia, wandering around South East Asia and New Zealand & working with other songwriters across Europe for The Globe Series. I write and perform my own music as well as interpretations (or the uglier term "covers") of other artists songs. For the sake of this website we will just dub the cover songs "not my songs" from here on in.

To go a bit further back, I started on drums & guitar at the age of 11. At the age of 16 I started playing live in bars & at 18 I went away to school to pursue music & production. I studied under some amazing teachers (and music industry legends) such as Jack Richardson & Kevin Doyle. Upon graduation at 22, I converted two abandoned businesses (a woodworking studio and greenhouse) into a recording studio with a close friend and former classmate and we called the business Winding Path Media. Around that same time, I also became a contributing writer for Canada's national music magazine CANADIAN MUSICIAN. It certainly has been a winding path and now my focus is constantly performing and recording new music as well as (slowly) producing an international music & travel project dubbed "The Globe Series".


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