Michael saracino



album artwork by Jessica Massard








This album "Darlinghurst" will be released as a digital download and available online this autumn. I wrote most of the material while living in Sydney Australia in 2014 & returned to Canada to have it recorded @ Winding Path Media. While in Sydney, I had the chance to perform regularly at a club called The Bourbon, on Darlinghurst road which also happened to be the street I was living on, hence the album name. My sets at The Bourbon consisted mainly of blues & funk (it was a blues bar) which heavily influenced the vibe of these recordings. Due to the nature of the writing, I felt it could benefit from a backing band. As opposed to hiring one band for all songs, or performing many instruments myself, I opted to bring together 11 different musicians who come in at different times throughout. I'm also including a live off the floor recording of a blues song I performed in Byron Bay, Australia with a good friend from France as a bonus track.